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In today’s “post-truth” world, educating ourselves about important issues and finding varied and reliable information sources is as critical as ever. We live in hectic times. On the internet, gossip acquires fact status in nanosecond. People, including politicians, cherry-pick data and come to whatever conclusion they desire. So if you feel stranded, trying to make sense of the blinding fog of (mis)information, you have come to the right place. We present  documentary films as an in-depth and inspiring resource and offer a perfect platform to educate oneself and others. 


10 July, 1995

Learn from the past to shape the future

Twenty-five years ago, in july 1995, during the Bosnian war, about 8000 Muslim Bosniaks, mostly men and boys, were brutally murdered in and around the town of Srebrenica. Although the besieged enclave of Srebrenica had been declared a “safe area” under UN protection, nothing happened to prevent the town capture by the Serb-Bosnian General Mladic  – nor the subsequent massacre. 

Rich Context Included

Our catalog contains a vast selection of free documentary scenes, each utterly thought-provoking and linked to the full film for further representation. To optimize the learning potential of our catalog, each scene and film is richly contexted with facts, figures, and related video material. When browsing our website, you’ll find these categorized as debate, excerpt, speech, or Q&A.

Life during the great depression

Economists predict that the coronavirus crisis will be comparable with the Great Depression, the period of devastating economic decline between 1929 and 1939, which saw mass unemployment, factory closures and the accompanying personal trauma, and eventually World War  II



Documentary Styles

The power of documentary

Engagement is
key to effective instruction

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Using documentary films in an educational setting

A direct path to engagement is simply to tell a good story. Documentary film, engages and instructs through storytelling. Even when excellent course materials are available, the addition of documentary film to teaching brings a number of enhancements.

Despite the apparent passivity of watching, visual media can lead to greater engagement with the material, which leads to high retention. Ask yourself how many good movie scenes you can recall? Now–how many good textbook passages? 

for the learner: Viewing a film demands less of the audience than reading text or clicking through a course. The learner follows along with the story without conscious effort.

Viewing documentaries together, gives people the opportunity to voice out their opinions, which not only strengthens the group’s bond but also gives a platform to learn about everyone’s views in the group.

“Watch this” (at home, in class, on a phone) is an easy task to assign and to complete. Much easier than “read pages 148-207” or “complete Module 5.”